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Maso Bastie

Prosecco Del Ghellino

Edy's Wine


Info Sheet

* Origin: DOC Dry white sparkling wine.

* Soil: Foothills, volcanic grounds of Gambellara.

* Grapes: Exclusivey Prosecco (Glera 100%).

* Bottles Produced Per Year: 3,000.

* Production Method: Produced with biological methods paying much attention to get at the time of vintage perfectly whole grapes. Manually picked and taken to the winery by little carts. Natural secondary fermentation in bottles at controlled temperature.

* Vinification Method: Softly crushed, using only the first pressing must. Fermentation at controlled temperature. After the first decantation, the wine rests upon its own yeastsi n stainless steel tanks until the following spring, when the secondary fermentation takes place.

* Secondary Fermentation: In the bottle the wine rests 3 months with its own fermentation yeasts, like in the 1700s.

* Odor: Yellow fruits (apple “that apple scented dry wine...” and peach) with herbs. A pleasant brackish note ends the olfactory profile.

* Flavor: Delicate, savoury and elegant with a almond note in the end.

* Pairings: Informal, gleeful and versatile wine that may be served at summer afternoon snacks based on delicate Italian sea-food and fish based appetizers. Ideal for pairing the traditional Venetian dishes like “polenta with baccalà”.