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Maso Bastie

Isidor 2010

Edy's Wine Info Sheet

Vineyards of the Dolomites White 

The name comes from the gift of Isis, goddess of fertility of the earth. 
The label paper chromatography of the land of origin; a type of analysis developed in the last century by theorists of biodynamics to visually translate the vitality of the soil. 
Isidor was born in Vigo vineyard at 600 meters above sea level from grapes of cross Manzoni in purity. 
production per plant is particularly low. 
Grapes ammostate are cooled and after a short maceration without the use of any substance. 
Fermentation lasts 3-4 weeks. Isidor mature slowly on its lees for 10 months and then continues aging in the bottle. This wine is evolving. 
bottle Rhine wine setting emphasizes its Nordic long, mineral and savory.

* Grapes: Manzoni Bianco

* Bottles Produced Per Year: 750.