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Maso Bastie


Edy's Wine

* Features: Sweet, refined and intense, made from Durella and Gaganega grapes. It is a meditation wine with a surprisingly satisfying harmony. This wine expresses with its richness and complexity the beauty and sweetness of Valle d’Agno.

* Soil: 300 m above sea level in the hills on the western slope of the Agno Valley. The volcanic soil is rich in basaltic tufa.

* Grapes: Blend of Durella and Gaganega.

* Bottles Produced Per Year: 2,400.

* Vinification: The grapes are crushed, the must settles naturally and is put into oak barrels to ferment. Fermentation is very slow, lasting for about a month.

* Ageing: Lasts for 12 months and takes place in the same barrels where the wine fermented. Dopo l’imbottigliamento il vino affina per ulteriori 6 mesi in bottiglia.

* Flavor: The wine is creamy on the palate, the sweetness and softness are perfectly balanced with the freshness and richness of taste.
* Pairings: Excellent with sweets and biscuits, surprisingly good with strong cheeses and blue cheese.





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