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Li Janni Wine

In the 19th and early 20th centuries the Padelletti's appeared among the richest families in agricultural property. However the vines have always been grown and cultivated in the "Rigaccini" estate, notwithstanding the various agricultural properties at their disposal. "Rigaccini" is a very fertile valley which slopes down to the feet of Montalcino hill, on the east side from the Fortress, behind which every evening from the vines one can watch the sunset. It is a land rich with water: rising from the soil and, in the course of millenniums, depositing in the soil volcanic debris and cinders which derive from ancient eruptions of Monte Amiata adding richness to the soil and consequently to the wine with an aroma and strength wich would be difficult to findelsewhere. From about 6 hectares of vineyard put aside for Brunello of Montalcino D.O.C.G., and therefore from 480 quintals of grapes, only 100 quintals is chosen, for a maximum production of 7.000/8.000 bottles, destinated to a selected public who appreciate quality wine. The ageing process follows ancient traditions and processes unaffected by modern technology processes. The wine is aged in barrels made from Slavonic wood, each containing 25/30 quintals, controlled on a daily basis for years. Also our cellars are maintained in the traditional manner with regard to the culture and tradition of Montalcino and the family: which continue to remain under the Padelletti family house, in Padelletti street, where many generations of the family have lived, above the walls of the city which the architect Giovanni Padelletti constructed and defended against the Spanish invaders. The result is a strong Brunello, ancient, generous in aroma and taste, of an intense colour and which provokes vivid emotions to whom desires to taste together with a good wine some history and culture of Montalcino.

Pra del Fanti Wine



* Grapes: 100% Sangiovese.

* Bottles Produced Per Year: 4,000.

Brunelo WIneInformation Sheet


Brunelo Ris.

* Grapes: 100% Sangiovese.

* Bottles Produced Per Year: 3,000.

Brunelo Ris.Information Sheet